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The research activities of Chouaïb Doukkali University develop from a reflection taking into account new economic and social needs and regional specificities. The Chouaïb Doukkali University implements its research policy, in broad consultation with the scientific community of the university and in harmony with the socio-economic potential of the Doukkala Abda Region. It aims through this policy to:

Promote multidisciplinary exchanges and contribute to the decompartmentalization of research entities;
Promote exchanges and meetings between industry and teachers and contribute in a general way to the professional integration of the laureates;
Contribute to the regional, national and international influence of the training provided;
Manage in a coherent and concerted manner, research allocations;
Ensure the maintenance of the high level of theses and diplomas (related to research) issued by the University and the respect of the ethical principles.
However the search system as it currently works will experience a breathlessness if a new dynamic is not impulsed in its reorganization. Small research entities should find their place in larger structures with the critical mass that allows for their regional and international visibility.

During the next evaluation campaign in 2014, the criteria of non-redundancy and complementarity will have to be more decisive for the accreditation of new research structures.

This logic of grouping and coherence will lead to the creation of multidisciplinary Research Centers which constitute the missing link in our research system. A Scientific Council open to the skills of the socio-economic sector will be created to oversee the emanation of the themes of these Centers. He will also be responsible for monitoring and guiding our research system in order to provide him with the necessary adjustments for more innovation and creativity.

Our research system must be put, first and foremost, at the service of regional development. For this reason, it will be necessary to encourage applied research that is consistent with the priority sectors of the regional economy (agriculture, chemistry-parachemistry, energy, marine research, spatial planning, research in the cultural field, logistics , tertiary sector, …) without neglecting the other fields of research and in particular basic research.

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