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Applicants who have submitted their application for a training course in Morocco and who are selected will receive a newsletter prepared on their behalf by the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI) and sent to the authorities of their country of origin via the Embassy of Morocco accredited in their country or the diplomatic representation in Rabat.

This letter informs them about the conditions of definitive registration in Morocco and their stay. The pre-registration will allow them to complete the formalities to obtain a visa for Morocco when it is necessary. The final registration is carried out on-site with the university concerned.


Foreign students can benefit from accommodation on Campus or in special dorms referred to as Bayt Al Maârifa. They should make contact with these establishments or with particular providers of rental services.

Health Insurance

Foreign students benefit,  just like Moroccan students, from Health Insurance under the agreements concluded between the Department of Higher Education and the Ministry of Health. The AMCI contributes to the assumption of medical expenses by reimbursing the amounts incurred by the students up to 50% with a maximum of MAD 1,000.00 per year for care and MAD 300.00 for the expenses of eye glasses.

Interested students can also take out insurance policies (health insurance, death insurance, etc.) from an extensive network of private insurance institutions.

Cooperation scholarships

Exchange Cooperation grants are awarded by AMCI in the frame of cooperation programs agreed on with partner countries.

After the completion of the registration and accommodation formalities, foreign students must go to Foreigners Service at the National Security to get residence permit in Morocco with certified copies of the following documents

  • Registration certificate
  • Scholarship certificate.Lease contract or discharge of water and electr
  • icity or rent discharge.
  • Passport copy with the last date of entry.
  • 8 small identity photos.
  • 60-Dirham stamp.
  • Filled Administrative form.

Foreign students have three months from the date of entry to Morocco to regularize their residence situation with the National Security service of their city of residence.