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The role of the health Centers of the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities is the prevention and Promotion of health for students.

Service is offered to students and staff without prior appointment in cases of emergency.


Reception nurse: Nurses carry out basic care for students and staff. They provide local care, and if necessary, redirect students to appropriate treatment facilities (after medical doctor’s advice if needed).

Health Center of the Cité Universitaire
Faculty of Science Health Center
Health Center of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Responsable : Dr. ASHHAB  Souad

Phone: 05 23 35 33 35

Responsable: Dr. CHARQUAOUI Oumnia

Phone: 05 23 34 23 25 / 023 343 003

Responsable : Dr. BOUCHRA  Siham

Phone: 05 23 34 30 58 / 023 342 169

Emergency Medical Assistance Service (SAMU)

The SAMU undertakes several missions, including the reception and sorting of calls of ISAAF with a permanent listening line (24 h/24 h and 7d/7) through Number 2222 dedicated to the emergency cases of El Jadida;

Coordinating of the most appropriate means of rescue in the fastest time frame;

Checking the availability of hospital beds in order to redirect patients to the service that best suits their pathology;

Informing the receiving service to prepare for the patient’s reception; Continuity of care during transportation to hospital…

The SAMU of El Jadida has a platform of assistance and medical regulation, with 5 medical bases (central base of El Jadida, Sidi Smaîl, Ouled Frej, Bir Jdid and Ouled Ghanem).