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University Council

University Council

In accordance with article 9 of Dahir No. 1-00-199 (of 19 May 2002) concerning the promulgation of Law No. 01-00 on the organization of Higher Education, universities are administered by a University Council. Among the members of this Council, on the basis of parity between the appointed members and the elected members, a management board responsible for administrative and financial matters is constituted.

The Council of the University establishes standing committees among its members, and where appropriate, ad hoc committees (article 14 of the same Dahir).

The Council of the University consists of:

·      Full members

·      Appointed members

·      Elected members (Faculty, Administrative and Technical Staff and Students)

Access to all university courses at the undergraduate level requires secondary school diploma, satisfaction of the conditions of admission and other prerequisites stipulated in the Specifications of National Educational Standards and the descriptions of each course.


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