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Announcement regarding online re-registration

The Chouaïb Doukkali University informs new graduates that enrollment in a university institution is preceded by pre-registration on the university’s website:

This pre-registration on-line is mandatory before any registration in a university institution.

The pre-registration certificate is a document required from the registration application documents announced by each institution.

To succeed your pre-registration, it is necessary to have:

Name, surname and National Identity Card number of the father and the mother. In case of death, the date of death must be mentioned.

For married students, the surname, first name and the spouse’s National Identity Card number must be mentioned.

MSG 2018: Online pre-application to the Master Sciences of Management at the ENCGJ

The El Jadida ENCG opens the online pre-registration for the Master Sciences of Management.

To access the site, click

LPMO 2018: Online pre-application for the Professional License Management Organizations at the ENCGJ

ENCG El Jadida opens pre-registration online at the Professional License Management Organizations.

To access the site, click here


تسجیل الطلبة الجدد حاملي باكالوریا 2018

ینھي عمید كلیة الآداب والعلوم الإنسانیة بالجدیدة إلى علم حاملي بكالوریا 2018 أن عملیة التسجیل سیشرع فیھا ابتداء من یوم 09 يوليوز 2018 إلى غایة 17 منه

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