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Board of Continuing Training

Continuing Training at the UCD is an opportunity for people, still in work or not, to broaden their field of work and evolve in their careers by developing new skills. It is an extension of the university’s mission towards the communities, the socio-economic milieu and the population; and generally towards people who are either fully engaged or not in working life to meet individual and group training needs.


Continuing Education in UCD Institutions

ENCG El Jadida offers training tailored to professionals, students and job seekers to evolve in their careers.

The courses include specialized training. Licenses and Masters match the demands of the labor market and lead to a university degree recognized by companies.

These courses are intended for executives of companies and public administration and students with a degree of Bac + 3 (for masters) and Bac + 2 (for licenses).

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  • The Master’s degree in Management and Energy Technology proposed for the National School of Applied Sciences of El Jadida in collaboration with INSA Lyon, is a continuous international training bi-Graduates who aims to train managers specialized in the sector and energy markets, both for suppliers and large customers.
  • A partnership between the National School of Applied Sciences (ENSA) and the National School of Business and Management (ENCG) offers engineers to engineering students and students in master’s or equivalent to acquire a dual skill by combining managerial skills and strong technical skills thanks to the university master’s degree awarded by both ENCG and ENSA. This double degree helps to meet the growing demands of the national or international company, actively seeking engineers with a profile of

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