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During the year 2010, Chouaib Doukkali University established its university library network consisting of the libraries of all of its institutions. 

The University Library network makes available to Internet users the university online database. Reading rooms are available to visitors and direct access to the database is provided onsite. 

Services such as online book reservation and loans to students, researchers, and administrative and technical bodies within the University are governed by consultation regulations.

A reception team is available in each library to guide new visitors and welcome their suggestion.


  • To make available to readers the University library database;
  • Enrich the library database by acquiring new books, journals and periodicals;
  • Manage and communicate materials for research and training;
  • Provide technical support to visitors on the use of the library database management application;
  • Organize cultural events;
  • Collect suggestions from readers;
  • Establish partnerships with libraries in other institutions and organizations to encourage cultural exchange.


Votre séjour Erasmus + est un vrai projet à définir au moins 6 mois ou 1 an avant le départ ! Ce n’est pas une destination touristique ! Choisissez un lieu d’accueil en phase avec vos attentes et votre cursus.

Pourquoi pas moi ?

Erasmus, ça résonne dans ma tête, l’Auberge espagnole, l’Auberge européenne qu’est-ce que ça va m’apporter ? de l’expérience, des rencontres, des progrès en langues, des voyages, un CV original…

En solo ou avec Erasmus + ?

Partir avec Erasmus+, c’est bénéficier d’une mobilité organisée et encadrée à la différence des mobilités en solo – qui s’effectuent dans le cadre d’une collaboration entre des établissements d’enseignement supérieur en Europe.

Je m’inscris en France et paie mes frais d’inscription en France, je pars un semestre ou une année pour mes études ou un stage !
Je ne perds pas de temps ! ma période de mobilité est validée dans mon cursus.

→ Pour déposer une candidature, un seul interlocuteur : le service des relations internationales de votre établissement.
Il vous indiquera les établissements partenaires où vous pourrez étudier ou les démarches à entreprendre pour partir en stage.  Vous déposerez votre candidature auprès de lui et il vous accompagnera tout au long de votre séjour.

Pour plus de détail, rendez-vous à l’adresse suivante: https://www.generation-erasmus.fr/

French Mooc website

Several free courses are offered

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How It Works

The IT Academy is the first-ever, University-wide, multi-year professional development program specifically designed for all levels of IT staff. 

It’s your one-stop shop for acquiring relevant and transferable skills across a number of competencies, while building excellence in your field of expertise.

Earn badges by progressing through four levels of development in six competency tracks.

T Shaped Professional

Through instructor-led courses and self-paced activities, Harvard-wide IT staff have an opportunity to deepen their subject matter expertise and broaden their knowledge of Harvard’s unique technology landscape and service-focused environment, and to become a “T-shaped professional.”

T-shaped professionals are in high demand in today’s workplace, and are characterized by their ability to collaborate across functions and innovate across disciplines (the horizontal bar), and their deep knowledge in at least one area (the vertical bar).

icon levels

Start with Level I foundational courses: Several foundations courses start in July 2015. (Level II will be piloted in FY16. Levels III and IV will be available in FY17-18.)

pace icon

Progress at your own pace: Four levels of development will be offered in each of the six competency tracks.

Tracks icon

The Management Effectiveness track has been developed specifically for managers, but all technology staff are encouraged to complete the Level I courses in every other competency area.

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Earn badgesBadges are awarded when you complete a level in any of the competency tracks.

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To get started, browse the course catalog and register for available offerings.